Automated instrumentation is a fast-growing industry that is quickly becoming an essential part of the geotechnical engineering practice. With relatively low cost, reliability and versatility, automated instrumentation is becoming the key to economic, safe and predictable solutions for most geotechnical problems. AATech also designs and manufacturers instrumentation systems for specialized monitoring situations and modified other systems to adapt to complex requirements. Click here to browse the range of instruments AATech has to offer.


•Extremely accurate
• Fast data turn over
• Experienced and professional personnel
• Easily performed with complete portable self-contained equipment

Remote Data Collection and Monitoring

Programmable instrumentation can collect data far more frequently, and with less potential for errors, than a surveying crew or an instrumentation technician. It therefore provides more reliable and more representative data. AATechʼs engineers have installed state of the art instrumentation on many sites for monitoring parameters such as pore
Water pressure, settlement, slope movement and other engineering parameters. Some of these installations are remotely monitored from our main offices, thousands of kilometers away from the site.


• High frequency collection
• Long-term monitoring
• Programmable data logging
• Automated collection during extreme weather events when the monitored conditions are critical and manual readings are impossible.
• Remote data retrieval

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