Why A Slow and Deliberate Approach to Dynamic Testing Is Crucial

Dynamic testing is not something the average person is familiar with. Yet, people do reap the rewards and benefits of such testing each and every time they pass a bridge, building, or other structure that is supported by a pile head. While very strong, a pile head can only sustain a finite amount of pressure. Once the load capacity becomes too much, then the the structure run the risk of collapse.

This collapse might not occur the minute the weight of the load is placed on top of it. Those who work in geotechnical engineering know this. Pilings may be able to support a set amount of weight for the short term. However, the structural integrity of the pilings might slowly degrade and weaken over time. Eventually, the weight of the load becomes to much for the pilings to bear and a collapse is imminent.

Even a slight amount of weight can lead to a collapse. Again, quite some time might by before the actual collapse occurs. To avoid any devastating surprises, engineers will perform dynamic testing to determine how much stress is acceptable.

The process of load testing is both slow and deliberate. There is a very logical reason why such an approach is taken. The geotechnical engineering staff performing a test positively must be sure structural soundness is reliable. If not, then a collapse remains a possibility. Since lives are at risk in the event of a collapse, being very diligent with the dynamic testing process becomes an absolute must.

Dynamic testing might even take place over the course of several days. A week to ten days is not out of the question. In some cases, the tests may continue after the load has been removed to determine if any changes occur with the pilings. Once again, geotechnical engineering crews must be very sure that the pilings have passed all tests thoroughly. To do otherwise is to take a huge risk. Thorough testing is the only acceptable method for dynamic testing since the results may prove indisputable.

Any business or entity involved with building and construction must assuredly work with geotechnical engineering experts who are capable of performing the most effective testing possible. Reputable engineering firms are going to be more than willing to reveal how they plan to go about performing their tests. Reviewing the methods the geotechnical engineering testers employ prior to hiring is strongly recommended.

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