Dynamic Testing Value for Pilings


Those who are not involved in the construction or foundation engineering industry never really understand the full scope of the work performed to ensure a building always remains a safe structure. Tasks such as the dynamic testing of piling and piling capacity never run through their minds. Yet, it is work of this nature that ensures a building is able to remain safe and structurally sound.

The old saying that a house cannot be built on a weak foundation is more than just a metaphor. It is a truism of foundation engineering. If the pilings in which a house, building, bridge, or other structure is built on is a weak foundation, then the safety of its integrity is going to be compromised. Dynamic testing has to be employed to make sure that the foundation truly is solid enough to deliver maximum safety.

Of course, a lot of work in foundation engineering can be found in the planning stage. The design of pilings on paper will go to great lengths to arrive at a blueprint that reflects pilings capable of being incredibly structurally strong. Software has been designed to aid in ensuring the actual pilings constructed are truly capable of doing what is expected of them, which is to hold up the foundation. While all these early stages of foundation engineering design are incredibly important, it is equally necessary to point out that without dynamic testing, no one can know for sure how strong the pilings really are.

Obviously, strong pilings are a must for the integrity of any structure to remain viably safe. Weak pilings can set the stage for a collapse. While the foundation might not collapse right away, the slow weakening of the foundation over time just might lead to a problem arising. The problem could, sadly, be an outright catastrophe. Rather than see such an outcome emerge, it would be far better to have dynamic testing performed on the structure.

Professional dynamic testing performed by skilled professionals with a strong background in foundation engineering can yield accurate estimates regarding how strong the pilings actually are. To ensure the tests are done right, it would be best to hire an experienced service that has conducted such tests with great accuracy on numerous structures. A review of the previous testing work the company has performed is a must when making a decision to procure these services.

Once the best company to perform the testing has been hired, then the process of determining the structural integrity of the pilings on a construction site can commence.

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