Bi-Directional Static Loading Test (BDSLT)

AATech’s Bi-Directional Static Loading Test (BDSLT) is the most innovative static load testing technique in the industry. The accuracy and speed of AATech’s testing method has made bi-directional testing a valuable tool.

Traditionally, BDSLT has been the most trusted means of testing pile foundations axial capacity. AATech engineers have developed automated testing systems and data acquisition software to eliminate human errors and to increase the reliability and accuracy of measurements in load testing. With AATech’s specialized expertise and advanced technology, we can perform tests of high complexity while capturing applied loads and displacements at high frequency. AATech has performed numerous tests in North America and overseas, including the design of high-load reaction frames and specific testing adapted to special site conditions.

The load testing and reporting performed by AATech follow the guidelines of industry leading standards and works of prominent Engineers. The load testing in general is performed in compliance with ASTM D 1143 Standard Test Method for Piles Under Static Axial Load. In accordance with the project specific requirements, loads are applied at prescribed increments and time intervals.

ASI prides itself for having the expertise and man-power to be able to offer the quickest report turnaround in the industry. The report will include observations, factual data, interpreted pile capacity, unit shaft as well as toe bearing, and loading simulations.


Geotechnical & Foundation Engineers

AAtech Scientific was established in 1997 in Ottawa, Canada. AAtech quickly built strong partnerships with leading researchers in geotechnical & foundation engineering with strength in various specialized disciplines in the industry. Having advanced signatory certification for PDA and CAPWAP testing and analysis, AAtech then became the leaders in geotechnical & foundation engineering.