Pile Testing: What It Entails

Dynamic testing at a construction site can take many different forms. Pile testing is among the more common ones and it can also be considered one of the most important. This type of testing serves quite a few purposes. Among them would be the ability to determine full pile capacity. In other words, the testing can ascertain how much weight and how large of a structure the pilings can effectively support.

The reason dynamic testing must be conducted is the use of piles, in many construction projects, reflects the possible presence of an obstacle to building a structure. Namely, the foundation in which the structure is to be built upon might be far too shallow to carry the load of the building. Through the use of underground piles, the ability to establish a much more stable foundation for a structure is possible. In order to be sure that the installed piling truly can handle the load placed on top of them, pile testing must be performed. There are different types of pile testing strategies that can be undertaken. Of these various methods, dynamic testing might be the best mode to employ.

There are other forms of testing that can be employed other than dynamic testing. The problem with these methods is they may not be as accurate and, ironically, they can be more costly to perform. High end dynamic testing is likely the most modern and most reliable means of piling testing. As such, the dynamic method of testing is the one so many in foundational engineering will recommend.

Dynamic testing can entail several different actual tests. Structural integrity would clearly be among the most important tests, but it is not the only test to be performed. Load capacity may also be determined. How much stress the piles can endure would be another area of examination during the test. In short, the testing does try to gain the widest possible conclusions regarding what the piles are capable of handling.

If problems arise during the pile testing process, steps can be quickly taken to address them. It would be inaccurate to assume there are no ways to improve load capacity or overcome any failures that are noted in the testing. Tweaks, changes, and major fixes occur all the time during the construction phase. Improvements could very well be made after reviewing the results of pile testing. After all, this is the purpose of the testing in the first place.

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