ASI provides a full range of consulting services in the fields of geotechnical and foundation. Our engineering team combines extensive experience in engineering design, analysis, research, investigation, instrumentation, and monitoring, with an outstanding track record of hundreds of projects worldwide.



Geotechnical & Foundation Design

ASI uses leading-edge engineering technology in providing geotechnical design, and solutions for complex geotechnical problems. Our engineers possess specialized expertise in geotechnical aspects of foundations, municipal and hazardous waste landfills, dams, slopes, retaining structures, and other areas.

Our geotechnical services include site investigation, stability assessment and remediation, design, consulting, instrumentation and monitoring, ground improvement, construction supervision, inspection, quality assurance, quality control, and other engineering disciplines. Using state-of-the-art engineering software for Finite Element Modeling (FEM), settlement, and stability analysis, ASI has demonstrated its capability to provide safe and economical solutions on several major projects worldwide.

Instrumental & Monitoring

Automated instrumentation is a fast-growing industry that is quickly becoming an essential part of the geotechnical & foundation engineering practice. With relatively low cost, reliability, and versatility, automated instrumentation is key to economical, safe, and predictable solutions for most geotechnical & foundation engineering problems.

ASI provides comprehensive instrumentation services, including the design of specialized instrumentation and datalogging networks, installation of instrumentation devices and setup on-site, monitoring , data reduction, analysis, interpretation, and consulting. Our professionals design and assemble instrumentation devices and systems customized for special applications and specific project conditions. We provide advanced programming for automation of monitoring systems including conditional activation of other on-site equipment and systems, call-backs, and alarms.

With the continuing fast-paced developments in the electronics and communication fields, automated instrumentation systems with remote access are becoming the future trend in the civil engineering industry. AATech’s engineers use advanced communication systems for data retrieval and real-time monitoring of instrumentation networks, including telephone, wireless RF, and network/internet connections.

Geotechnical & Foundation Engineers

AAtech Scientific was established in 1997 in Ottawa, Canada. AAtech quickly built strong partnerships with leading researchers in geotechnical & foundation engineering with strength in various specialized disciplines in the industry. Having advanced signatory certification for PDA and CAPWAP testing and analysis, AAtech then became the leaders in geotechnical & foundation engineering.